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    Bharat sanchar nigam limited (BSNL) has inked a network modernization agreement with Nokia to support the launch of 4G and voice over long term evolution (VoLTE) services in western and southern regions of india. Under the agreement , Nokia will deploy the technology in 10 telecom circles in india including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Goa, Tamil Nadu, , Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana serving large cities, businesses and tourist hubs.

    Nokia stated that the deployment of its single radio access network (RAN) software will simplify network installation, allowing BSNL to save operational costs while supporting 2G, 3G and 4G subscribers in a single radio unit. The network deployment will include Nokia single RAN software, IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) , session border controller (SBC) , cloud band, monetization solution, performance manager, IP/ MPLS and wavence microwave technologies. Further, Nokia global services will utilize its expertise and best practices to ensure high network and service quality meanwhile,  the latest VoLTE services will allow BSNL’s4G subscribers to experience HD-quality voice

    Meeting between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL.

    A meeting is held at the Sanchar Bhawan today the 24.02.2018, between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Together with the Minister, Secretary, DoT, Special Secretary, DoT, Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT, OSD to the Hon’ble Minister, DDG (Estt.), DoT, CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL were present. From the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, Com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO, Com. N.D. Ram, GS, SEWA BSNL, Com. Ravi Shil Verma, GS, AIGETOA, Com. Mallikarjuna, President, BSNL MS and Com. S.D. Sharma, GS, BSNL ATM, participated in the discussions. The representatives of the AUAB heartily thanked the Hon’ble Minister for taking out time to meet them. Detailed discussions took place on the memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Minister, the details of which are as follows:-

    Our efforts will continue to get the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company rolled back.


    In the meeting held between the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL on 24.02.2018, break through has been made in almost all the issues, except in the matter of Subsidiary Tower Company. On this issue, the Hon’ble Minister was non-committal. This may be because, decision has been taken at the highest level of the government, to form the Subsidiary Tower Company. In the review meeting of AUAB, held immediately after the meeting with the Hon’ble MoS(C), this matter has been reviewed. In that meeting, it has been unanimously decided to continue with our efforts to get the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company rolled back.




    Dear comrades,
    In today's meeting, the hon'ble Minister has agreed to take the Wage Revision issue, for the approval of the Cabinet. This is a great victory for our mobilisation. So far, DoT has been telling " no wage revision for BSNL". But, now we have compelled the DoT and the Minister to take the issue for the approval of the government. At the same time, we have to be very vigilant. We have to maintain the pressure on the government, till the final settlement is reached.


    District conference at Bhubaneswar on 11th February 2018

    On 11th February 2018 in the conference hall of GMTD, Bhubaneswar the district conference was held under the president ship of Com. Girish ch mohanty. circle secretary Com. Saroj ranjan das, Asst. circle secretary Com. Satyaranjan samal, Bhubaneswar district secretary Com. Sundaray, patrons Com. P r das, Com. A dhupal , Com. S Biswal, all the branch secretaries of Bhubaneswar district were addressed to the meeting.

    Finally unanimously Com. Sarat Mohanty and Com. Girish ch Mohanty were elected as District secretary and District president of GMTD, Bhubaneswar.

    Odisha circle congratulate to the new District secretary and president . Hope under their leadership Bhubaneswar district will be number one in Odisha.

    Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Odisha



    A meeting of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL” was held at New Delhi 24th January 2018. Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, presided over the meeting. General Secretaries / Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM and BSNL OA, participated in the meeting. The following decisions are taken:-

    1. The meeting decided to effectively organise the Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018. This programme is to be effectively organised in all circles.
    2. Full day Sathyagraha agitation is to be effectively organised for 5 days from 30.01.2018 at Corporate Office, circle and district levels.
    3. Steering Committees (consisting of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA and AIBSNLEA) are to be formed in all circles and districts to effectively plan and organise the struggles. The Steering Committees will meet as and when required for giving necessary guidance.
    4. Poster will be designed and uploaded on the websites of the Unions and Associations. These posters shall be printed by the circle unions (in the regional languages if necessary) and distributed to all the stations.
    5. Next meeting of the All Unions and Associations will be held at BSNL MS office, at 15:00 hrs. on 06.02.2018.    


    Director (HR) holds talks with GS, BSNLEU and NFTE on the forthcoming struggles.

    The Director (HR) had invited General Secretaries of BSNLEU and NFTE for a discussion 25th january 2018, in connection with the call given for Sathyagraha and indefinite Work According to Rule. Accordingly, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, and Com. Rajamouli, Treasurer, NFTE, attended the meeting. The Director (HR) appealed to the representatives not to do anything that would further deteriorate the already strained financial condition of the Company. Com.P.Abhimnayu, GS, told the Director (HR) that the employees are in a do or die situation, in view of formation of Subsidiary Tower Company and denial of wage revision to the employees. The Unions and Associations of BSNL are left with no other option, but to go ahead with the Sathyagraha and Work According to Rule struggles, as has already been announced, told the GS, BSNLEU. The Director (HR) informed that a similar meeting would be held with the Executive Associations on Monday.

    [Date : 25 - Jan - 2018]


    District conference at Balasore

    District conference of  Balasore district is observing 2nd and 3rd January 2018 at Balasore . Com. S R Das, Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Odisha and Com. A Dhupal, patron of BSNLEU are attending the conference.

    BSNLEU strongly condemns the appointment of the CMD, for the much opposed Subsidiary Tower Company.

    It is learnt that Shri Amit Yadav IAS, who is currently serving as the Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT, is appointed as the CMD of the much opposed Subsidiary Tower Company. The entire Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL went on a two day strike on 12th and 13th December,2017, stiffly opposing the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. Inspite of this, the Modi government has taken this step. The government did not even bother to call the unions and associations for talks. We have to understand that the government is hell-bent to kill BSNL. BSNLEU strongly condemns this move of the government. The meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, taking place on 08-01-2018, will take an appropriate decision on this matter.


    Reconstitution of the Standing Committee of the National Council.

    BSNLEU has demanded that the reconstitution of the Standing Committee of the National Council should be done expeditiously, for the effective monitoring of the implementation of the decisions taken in the National Council. In this regard, the SR Branch of the BSNL CO., has issued the following letter.



    Two day strike - CHQ requests all the comrades to swing into action immediately.

    There are only three more days for the strike. It is utmost important on the part of the Unions and Associations this time, to ensure that 100% of the Non-Executives and Executives participate in the strike. Some comrades are under the impression that the two day strike will become 100% success automatically, since all the Unions and Associations have joined the strike. This is totally a wrong notion. 100% strike can be achieved only through tireless efforts at the field level.

    The remaining three days should be effectively utilised, to meet the each and every employee individually, and to convince them to wholeheartedly to join the strike. It is the duty of the leaders and front line activists to ensure that no employee goes on leave this time. CHQ requests all the comrades to swing into action immediately.

    We all the comrades of Odisha circle jointly will make the strike 100% success.  yes …….yes……..we can make it happen.

    Enhance your speed to organize your comrades at district level, branch level and make them aware and involve in this strike.

    Saroj ranjan Das
    Circle secretary
    BSNLEU, Odisha Circle  

    Odisha circle organised a well attended strike preparatory meeting.

    The circle level strike preparatory meeting of Odisha circle was organised at Bhubaneswar, on 04.12.2017, by the unions and associations at CGM office premises. The meeting was presided over by Com. Sarat Pradhan of AIBSNLEA, welcome address was delivered by com S.R.Das CS, BSNLEU. The meeting was addressed by com. Animesh Mitra, Vice president(CHQ), com.K.S. Kulkrani, Secretary, NFTE, com Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS and leaders of other unions and associations. The demands were well explained by the speakers, which were well received by the employees.



    ]Meeting with DGM (Estt.).

    Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS and com. Animesh Mitra, VP (CHQ), met shri Sheo Sankar Prasad, DGM (Estt.), on 05.12.2017 and discussed the following issues:- 

    1. Payment of revised wages to the casual labours as per 7th CPC.

    The Union representatives pointed out that in the adjourned meeting of the 35th National Council meeting held on 13th November, 2017, it was assured by the Chairman that the demand of the Staff Side for payment of revise wages to the casual labours as per 7th CPC shall be re-looked by the Management. Since, the minutes have already been issued, whether any development in the matter, representatives enquired. To this, the DGM (Estt.), informed that the Committee which was constituted earlier is seeing all possible way to reconsider the demand of the Staff Side and necessary decision would be taken soon.  

    1. Issues of P.O. to those TMs who were directly appointed after 01.10.2000 from TSM to TM.

    The Union representatives stated that the Corporate Office have written several letters / reminders to the circle offices to send the informations on number of TSMs who were directly appointed to TM after 01.10.2000, i.e., after formation of BSNL and were not provided with P.O. But even after many years, a good number of circles have not sent the information to the Corporate Office. In the meantime, one such employee from West Bengal circle is expired. His family has not received any pensionary benefits. Hence, it is requested to settle at least these cases first and let the family to get the benefits. The DGM (Estt.), assured to do the needful.




    Reduction of retirement age - do not listen to rumours.

    A lot of rumours are going on, with regards to the reduction of the retirement age of BSNL employees from 60 to 58. Com.P.Abhimanyu,GS and com.S.Chellappa, AGS, met Ms.Sujata Ray, Director (HR) today,  and discussed the issue. It seems that recently, the DoT has told the BSNL Management to consider reducing the retirement age from 60 to 58, with a view to reduce the expenditure, since the Company has been declared as "Insipiently Sick". So far, the BSNL Management has not taken any decision on this. The GS and AGS firmly told the Director (HR) that any attempt to reduce the retirement age would be stiffly opposed. CHQ requests our comrades not to listen to rumours and also not to spread any rumour. In the past also, government tried to implement VRS and CRS on many occasions. But, BSNL employees have stopped them through their united struggles. Similarly, any attempt to reduce the retirement age, will also be stopped. 

    News from BSNLEU Chq site

    Where is the money to pay the Wage Revision? - asks shri Manoj Sinha, Hon'ble MoS(C).

    The All Unions and Associations of Karnataka, presented it's Memorandum on Wage Revision and Subsidiary Tower Company issues, to Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications, yesterday at Bengaluru. The Hon'ble MoS(C) had asked the representatives, "where is the money to pay the wage revision?" Further, he has told that the financial position of the Company was not good and that the government was also not in a position to help in this regard. The reply given by the Hon'ble MoS(C) clearly tells us about the mindset of the government, regarding the wage revision issue.


    Filling up of JAO LICE vacancies with qualified candidates.

    After declaration of the results of the JAO LICE, held in July 2016, some of the selected candidates did not join, due to their selection as JTO, etc. BSNLEU demanded that such resultant vacancies should be filled up with qualified candidates. But, it was rejected by the Management. Now, the Corporate Office has decided that such resultant vacancies could be filled up with the qualified candidates

    The All Unions and Associations of BSNL has decided an All India tour programme, to organise the 2 day strike to be held in December, 2017. The All India Centre meeting of BSNLEU held yesterday, has decided the places to be addressed by the CHQ leaders, which is as follows:-

    Com. P. Abhimanyu, General  Secretary            -     Lucknow, Patna, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur

    Com. Balbir Singh, President                                    Ludhiana, Bhopal

    Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. General Secretary -  Kolkata & Guwahati

    Com. P. Asokababu, Vice President                             -  Hyderabad & Bengaluru
    Com. Animesh Mitra, Vice President                              Bhubaneswar

    Com. S. Chellappa, Asst. General Secretary              -   Chennai


    The memorandum to be submitted to the MPs, as per the decision of the Unions and Associations of BSNL, is attached herewith. All circle, as well as district secretaries, are requested to take the initiative, to complete the task of submitting this memorandum to the MPs, in coordination with other unions and associations. This task should be completed by 30-11-2017.


    An effective seminar on great October Revolution, organised at Kolkata.

    A very inspiring seminar on the Great October Revolution was organised at Kolkata today. The four circle unions of West Bengal, Kolkata, Telecom Factory and Telecom Stores, organised the seminar. A large number of comrades attended. Com. Sisir Roy, CS, Kolkata, presided over and com. Animesh Mitra CS, West Bengal &VP (CHQ) welcomed all. Com. Tapan Sen, GS, CITU and com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, addressed the meeting and explained about the achievements of the Soviet Union, under the leadership of the working class. They also linked the relevance of the Great October Revolution, in solving the present day problems. CHQ heartily congratulates all the four circle unions, for organising today's programme successfully





    ON 29TH OCTOBER 2017

    All the circle executive body member of BSNLEU, Odisha circle are requested to attend the circle executive body meeting at Dhenkanal on 29th October 2017 at about 10.00am . Try to reach before time. letter already dispatched to your SSA . you can avail special CL to attend the meeting.

    This meeting is a very important meeting. please give importance to attend it, without fail. we need 100% participation .

    Thanking you.

    Sarojranjan Das
    Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Odisha





    orporate Office issues notification for holding JE LICE under 50% quota.

    BSNLEU has been continuously demanding the Corporate Office Management to issue the notification for holding the JE LICE under 50% quota. Repeatedly, the issue was discussed by BSNLEU, at the level of the Director(HR) and the GM(Estt.). Even yesterday, BSNLEU wrote a letter to the GM(Estt.) of the Corporate Office. Due to the persistent efforts of BSNLEU, the Corporate Office has issued the necessary communications to the CGMs for holding the examination. According to this letter, the online JE LICE will be conducted on 28-01-2018. The respective CGMs have to issue the notification for their circles latest by 30-11-2017. Online registration for the exam will start on 15-12-2017 and will be over on 15-01-2018


    BSNLEU requests the Director (Finance) to disburse salary in advance to BSNL Employees in the Eastern India, before Pooja.

    Durga Pooja, which is the main festival of Eastern India starts this year from 27th September and will continue upto 30th September. All the banks in that region will remain closed from 27th September to 2nd October. Hence, employees will face difficulties, if the salary of BSNL Employees is not paid by 26th September. Coms Swapan Chakraborty,Dy.GS, Animesh Mitra,VP(CHQ) and Gakul Borah, Treasurer met Ms Sujata Ray, Director(Finance), BSNL today and requested for making salary disbursement in advance, i.e., by 26th September. The Director (Finance) assured to look into the matter.


    BSNL is tying up with handset makers Lava and Micromax, to supply handsets at Rs.2,000/-.

    As per media reports, BSNL is said to be entering into tie up with Lava and Micromax, to supply feature phones, bundled with facilities such as free calls. The price of these handsets may be in the price range of Rs. 2,000/-. Reliance Jio is already supplying handsets at Rs.2,500/. Airtel is also coming up with such a scheme. It is important to note that, BSNL's 10.5 crore mobile customers are mainly in semi urban and rural areas.

    United and powerful lunch hour demonstrations conducted throughout the State, opposing the Cabinet decision for forming the Subsidiary Tower Company.

    Powerful lunch hour demonstrations were conducted throughout Odisha on 15th September 2017 , by the Non-Executives and Executives, opposing the Union Cabinet's decision for forming the Subsidiary Tower Company. All the unions and associations have given call for the programme. At all the head quarter Offices, a well attended lunch hour demonstration was addressed by all the District secretaries.

    Odisha circle congratulate to all the leaders .

    Saroj ranjan das
    Circle secretary



    Dear Comrades,
    The final accounts of Odisssa circle for the year 2016-2017 has been signed yesterday with a net profit of Rs.26.75 crores excluding E-pin revenue for Rs.49.10 crores.

    This is the consecutive 5th year for bagging the profit by the circle . I extend my sincere tahnks to all the members of my team for their sincere efforts and hope all the best for this financial year.
    Lets work for the BSNL.

    Saroj ranjan Das
    Circle secretary
    BSNLEU, Odisha

    BSNLEU strongly condemns the decision of the Narendra Modi government to form a Subsidiary Tower Company.

    The Union Cabinet meeting, presided over by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has decided today to form a Subsidiary Tower Company. It means, the nearly 70,000 mobile towers of BSNL will be taken away, and will be handed over to the Subsidiary Tower Company. BSNLEU strongly condemns this decision. This is nothing, but a strategy to slowly kill BSNL. It may be remembered that the entire Non-Executives and Executives went on a one day strike on 15.12.2016, opposing the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company. Inspite of this stiff opposition, the Modi government has decided to form the Subsidiary Tower Company. BSNLEU calls upon the entire unions and associations of BSNL to come forward and oppose this move of the government

    BSNL to add 40,000 BTSs in the next two years.

    CMD BSNL has told the media that BSNL will spend Rs.6,000 crore in the next two years, for adding 40,000 BTSs. BSNL has started the tendering process for this, and Nokia and ZTE have emerged as the L1 and L2 bidders respectively, said the CMD BSNL. At present BSNL is having 1,30,000 BTSs and after this expansion, the number will increase to 1,70,000.

    Redesignation of left out Non-Executives - Circle and District secretaries to note please.

    The next meeting of the Joint Committee for Change of Designations of the left out Non-Executives will be held on 26.09.2017. In that meeting, discussion will take place with regards to the change of designation of the following 15 cadres. Most of these cadres belong to Civil Wing and Telecom Factories. However, mainstream cadres of Lineman and Telegraphman are also there. All these cadres are in the NE-5 pay scale. Already Telecom Technician designation is given to the Telecom Mechanic cadre, which is in NE-6 pay scale. Similarly, Assistant Telecom Technician designation is already given to the RM and Group ‘D’ cadres. Under such circumstances, what can be the new designation of the Lineman, Telegraphman and other cadres which are in NE-5 pay scale. If suggestions are given in this regard, it will be helpful to the CHQ. Circle and district secretaries and other active comrades are requested to send their views. The 15 cadres are as follows:- 

    Lineman, Wireman (Civil Wing / Electrical), Telegraphman, Carpenter, Mason, Plumber, Painter, A/C Mechanic, Sewerman, Welder, Technician (TF), Pump Operator, Lift Operator, A/C Operator and Operator (E&M).  




    Dear Comrade,

                Good news, Amari Hospital and Care hospital at Bhubaneswar are empanel with BSNL from this month i.e August 2017. you all can take advantage and share the information among your colleagues.

    Saroj ranjan Das
    CS, BSNLEU, Odisha

    Once again it is proved that, BSNLEU is the champion of SC/ST employees.

    It is once again proved beyond doubt that, BSNLEU is the champion of defending the rights of the SC/ST employees. DoP&T orders on SC/ST reservation are not fully implemented in BSNL. BSNLEU is continuously fighting for the past several years, for the implementation of DoP&Torders. As a result of BSNLEU's efforts, orders were issued, first on 29.12.2014 , and once again on 28.07.2016, reducing the qualifying standards of SC/ST employees, for the departmental examinations. However, BSNLEU continued to press for the total implementation of the DoP&T orders on SC/ST reservation. In the 35th National Council meeting held on 11-05-2017, BSNLEU demanded implementation of DoT letter no 22-5/91-NCG dated 30-11-1992. This DoT letter is almost equivalent to the DoP&T orders on SC/ST reservation. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, handed over a copy of that DoT letter to the Chairperson of the National Council. On reading the letter, the Chairperson immediately directed the Management Side to consider implementation of the DoT order. After the 35th National Council meeting, BSNLEU has twice written to the Management, reminding to implement the decision of the National Council. As a result of these persuasions of BSNLEU, the Corporate Management issued order today, vide letter no. 9-2/2016-Rectt dated 28-08-2017, reducing the qualifying marks of SC employees to 20% and that of ST employees to 15%, as envisaged in the DoT letter no 22-5/91-NCG dated 30-11-1992. These reduced qualifying marks are applicable from 28-07-2016. BSNLEU congratulates the SC/ST employees. BSNLEU also heartily thanks the Management for issuing the letter.




    The one day strike called on by the unions and associations ON 27TH July 2017, is a huge success. BSNLEU, SNEA, FNTO, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM and BSNL OA very successfully organised this strike. Employees have participated in the strike massively.

    Odisha Circle convey its’ heartily warm greetings to all the comrades. expecting this types of cooperation in future to achieve our respective goals.

    With regards.

    Saroj ranjan das
    Circle secretary,BSNLEU, Odisha


    ALL INDIA STRIKE IN BSNL ON 27TH JULY 2017            

     the one day strike will be held in bsnl for our wage revision. The strike call given by bsnleu,snea,fnto, bms,snatta, bsnl officers association, bsnl ATM etc on 27th July. This strike is very much crucial for our future.

    All the district secretaries branch secretaries are requested to organise effectively and contact all employees and ensure for full participations and coordinate with participating unions and associations. Please inform the circle secretary if any problems arises in field units. Treat it most urgent..

    Circle secretary


    Hold massive demonstrations on the day of strike.

    The unions and associations which have given call for one day strike on 27.07.2017, have also decided to call upon the employees to conduct massive demonstrations in all places on the day of the strike. Such demonstrations will certainly bring media focus and the message about the strike will reach far and wide among the people. Hence, CHQ of BSNLEU calls upon the circle and district unions to take steps for effectively organising the demonstrations massively on the day of the strike.


    Night Free calling facility for serving employees, to be introduced shortly.

    BSNLEU is continuously pursuing the demand of introducing Night Free calling facility for the serving employees. The case was being processed in the CFA Branch. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, discussed this issue once again with shri A.K. Sinha, GM (Admn.) yesterday, who replied that the file has come from the CFA Branch. He also assured that letter, extending the facility to the serving employees, would be issued shortly.

    Night Free calling facility for serving employees, to be introduced shortly.

    BSNLEU is continuously pursuing the demand of introducing Night Free calling facility for the serving employees. The case was being processed in the CFA Branch. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, discussed this issue once again with shri A.K. Sinha, GM (Admn.) yesterday, who replied that the file has come from the CFA Branch. He also assured that letter, extending the facility to the serving employees, would be issued shortly.



    Dear Comrade,

    An extended Circle executive meeting of BSNLEU, Odisha circle will be held on date 12-07-2017 at Old CGMT building conference hall 2nd floor, PMG square, Bhubaneswar . you are requested to attend the meeting positively by availing the special CL , as per the standing provision.

    Saroj ranjan das
    Circle secretary


    All India BSNL Working Women's Coordination Committee formed.

    The Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU, held at Thiruvananthapuram, from 9th to 11thJune, 2017, discussed and finalised the guidelines for the formation of an All India BSNL Working Women's Coordination Committee. In accordance with those guidelines, the Convention held at Hyderabad, on 08-07-2017, had elected the All India BSNL Working Women's Coordination Committee. This Committee will work as a sub-committee of BSNLEU.

    Following is the Committee, elected at Hyderabad. 

    Convenor :                  Com. P. Indira, Tamil Nadu. 

    Joint Convenors:        1) Com. Bhagyalakshmi, Kerala. 
    2) Com. Banani Chattopadyaya, West Bengal. 
    3) Com. Sunithi Choudhary, Bihar.

    Committee Members:1) Com. Sharmila Dutta, Kolkata.
    2) Com. Niruben Solanki, Gujarat. 
    3) Com. Meena Choradia, Madhya Pradesh. 
    4) Com. D. A. Shylla, North East-1
    5) Com. C.H.Vanasri, Telengana.
    6) Com. Rama Devi, Andhra Pradesh. 
    7) Com.Sukhpreet Kaur, Punjab. 
    8) Com. Jyotsana Mokashi, Maharashtra. 
    9) Com. Latha Kamalakar, Karnataka. 
    10) Com. V. Latha, Chennai. 
    11) Com. Chandra Prabha Muchhal,  Haryana. 
    12) Com. Maya Verma, UP(East). 
    13) Com. Urmila Nagvanshi, Telecom Factory(Jabalpur) 

    CHQ conveys best wishes and warm greetings to all the Committee members. We are confident that this Committee will endeavour to further the interests of the working women of BSNL.

    Corporate Office released list of selected DR JE candidates, against unfilled posts - BSNLEU's demand accepted.

    As regards the DR JE recruitment made in 2016, BSNLEU has been continuously demanding that, the Management should give appointment to those candidates, whose names were there in the first selection list, but were subsequently got deleted from the second selection list, due to reservation given to PWD candidates. BSNLEU demanded that such candidates should be given appointment, utilising the vacant places caused due to non-reporting of candidates for the document verification. BSNLEU's demand has been accepted, and the Corporate Office has announced the selection of DR JEs against the unfilled posts. Most of the candidates whose names were deleted from the 2nd selection list have got selected now. Still, it is reported that some candidates did not get selected. Both the GS and Dy.GS are out of Delhi. Soon after their returning, the issue will be discussed.



    ecision of the CEC meeting of BSNLEU on the issue of wage revision.

    The issue of wage revision of BSNL employees, w.e.f. 01.01.2017, was discussed in depth in the CEC meeting of BSNLEU, held at Thiruvananthapuram from 9th to 11th June, 2017. The meeting came to the conclusion that, in the present circumstances, when the government at the centre, is launching an all out attack to dismantle the public sector of the country, it will not be easy to settle the wage revision without united and sustained struggles. Under these circumstances, the CEC meeting appreciated the initiative taken by BSNLEU, to convene an all union / association meeting on 02.06.2017, and also welcomed the decision to go on struggles, including the one day strike on 27.07.2017. The meeting directed the CHQ of BSNLEU to massively organise the agitational programme, as per the decision of the all union / association meeting held on 02.06.2017. At the same time, the CEC meeting has also directed the CHQ to continue with it’s efforts to bring all the unions and associations into the struggle.

    BSNLEU writes to the Director (Finance) for allotment of GPF funds.

    BSNLEU has drawn the attention of the Director (Finance), towards the hardships being experienced by the employees, due to non-allotment of funds last month, by the Corporate Office, for payment of GPF advance / withdrawal. Further, Idu’l Fitr, an important festival is falling on 26th June, 2017. BSNLEU has written letter to the Director (Finance), demanding immediate allotment of funds

    The landmark Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU successfully concluded.

    The 3 day CEC meeting of BSNLEU, which will be considered as a landmark in the history of our movement, successfully came to a conclusion yesterday. The meeting deliberated and worked out the strategy for the settlement of the vital issue of wage revision. Apart from this, very serious discussions took place on many important issues like the global warming, aggressive attacks being mounted by the Narendra Modi government on the public sector, steps being taken by the government to curtail freedom of expression and to alienate religious minorities, attacks being mounted on freedom of expression, the necessity to strengthen unity of the working class, etc. The seminar held on 09.06.2017, to celebrate the centenary of the great October revolution, set the trend for discussions in the CEC meeting. The CEC meeting has also drawn the road map in respect of all important issues being faced by BSNL and the employees



    BSNL Management decides to hold JE LICE under 50% quota.

    BSNLEU has been pressing the BSNL Management hard, to hold the JE LICE under the 50% quota. The Establishment Branch of the Corporate Office has conveyed the decision of the Management today, to hold the JE LICE under 50% quota, for the Recruitment year 2016. The circles have been directed to compute the vacancies up to 31-03-2017, for this Exam. Directions for holding the Exam will be separately notified by the Recruitment Branch of the soon. 

    Qualifying marks for SC/ST candidates in the TT LDCE to be held on 20.08.2017. BSNLEU requested GM (Rectt.) to issue corrigendum.

    The Recruitment Branch of Corporate Office has issued model notification, where in minimum qualifying marks prescribed 20% in each and 30% in aggregate, in respect of SC/ST candidates. This is contrary to the Corporate Office order, which has set no aggregate mark limit for SC/ ST employees. The matter was discussed yesterday with Shri D. Chakraborty, PGM (Pers.), BSNL CO, who is looking after as GM (Rectt.) by Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS and Com. Gakul Borah, Treasurer. It was demanded that, a corrigendum should be issued to the model notification. The PGM (Pers.) assured that necessary correction will be issued.

    BSNLEU demands formation of separate Staff Welfare Board and Sports & Cultural Board for Telangana circle.

    The Andhra Pradesh circle is already bifurcated. A separate Telangana circle has already been formed. However, the Staff Welfare Board and the Sports and Cultural Board continue to be the same for both the circles. BSNLEU has written to the Director(HR), demanding formation of a separate Staff Welfare Board and Sports & Cultural Board for Telangana circle.



    The 2 day 6th circle conference of Odisha circle, was held  at RTTC, Bhubaneswar on 13th and 14th may 2017. The Union Red Flag was hoisted by the com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, amidst thunderous slogans. Immediately after this, a seminar on the revival of BSNL took place.Com. S R Samal, Asst Circle secretary invited all the distinguished guests to the stage.  Com.P.R.Das, circle president,delivered the presidential address. The Seminar was addressed by com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, shri A.K.Pahi,GM(EB), shri P.K.Sahoo, Principal,RTTC, com.S.R.Das, CS, BSNLEU, com.P.K.Nayak, Asst.Treasurer(CHQ) and com.B.C.Biswal, circle secretary,SNEA. Com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, spoke briefly on the revival of BSNL and the role being played by the unions and associations. In the post lunch session, the report on activities was presented by com.S.R.Das, CS and audited accounts were presented by the Treasurer. Delegates are deliberating

    The following new circle office bearers were elected unanimously:-


    - Com. P R Das ( Rtd Employee)
    - Com. S Biswal ( Rtd. Employee)
    - Com. A Dhupal ( Rtd. Employee)

    CIRCLE PRESIDENT :- Com. S C Bhattacharya, OS, O/o The GMTD, Koraput

    1. Com. Trilochan Biswal , AOS, O/o The C.O, Bhubaneswar
    2. Com. G Arya, TT, O/o The GMTD, Berhampur
    3. Com. Pradyumna Gadatia, OS, O/o The TDM, Bolangir
    4. Com. Pramod kumar mohapatra, TT, O/o the Tele bhawan, jajpur road under GMTD, Cuttack.
    5. VACANT.

    CIRCLE SECRETARY:- Com. Saroj ranjan Das, OS, O/o The GMTD, Dhenkanal

    1. Com. Aruna kumar Basantara, AOS, O/o the C.O , Bhubaneswar
    2. Com. Satyaranjan Samal, AOS, O/o The GMTD, Keonjhar
    3. Com. Basanta kumar Jena, OS, O/o The GMTD, Rourkela
    4. Com. Madhusudan Pradhan, MD, O/o The GMTD, Sambalpur
    5. Com. Rabinarayan Sahoo , OS, O/o The GMTD, Dhenkanal

    TREASURER :- Com. Chita ranjan Das, OS, O/o The GMTD, Bhubaneswar
    Asst. TREASURER:- Com. Alok Rath, TT, O/o The TDE, Phulbani

    1. Com. Babu rao Ghadei , TT, O/o The GMTD, Berhampur
    2. Com. Sudhansu sekhar panigrahi, TT, O/o ETP, Berhampur
    3. Com. Thabir Sahu, TT, O/o The TDM, Bhawanipatna
    4. Com. Manoj kumar Sabat, TT, O/o ETR, Berhampur.
    5. Com. Kailash Chandra Das, Gr.D, O/o Sr. CE(E), Bhubaneswar
    6. Com. Laxman jena, TT, Tele Bhawan, O/o the GMTD, Balasore
    7. Com. Narayan Chandra jena, JE, Tele bhawan, Karanjia O/o The TDM, Baripada.

    HONORARY AUDITOR:- Com. Markendu Das,OS, O/o Sr. CE(E), Bhubaneswar
    The Trade union facility may kindly be extended to the above circle office bearers for smooth function of the circle
    The letter was already issued to the CGMT, Odisha circle, Bhubaneswar vide letter no BSNLEU/OD/2017-18  dated 15-05-2017 of BSNLEU, Odisha circle, Bhubaneswar

    Problem of downgradation of the Sr.TOAs from 7100 pay scale to 6550 pay scale, at the time of opting for NEPP - Positive development in today's discussion.

    One more round of discussion took place today, between the Management and BSNLEU, on the above subject. Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS and com. Gakul Bora, Treasurer, represented BSNLEU. Ms. Madhu Arora,PGM (Estt.) and shri Sheo Shankar Prasad, DGM(Estt.) participated from the Management Side. The union representatives argued that the unfair condition stipulated in the NEPP that, the Sr.TOAs should forego their OTBP promotion, got after 01-10-2000, in order to switch over to NEPP, should be withdrawn. They also demanded that the resultant loss inflicted on the Sr. TOAs should also be mitigated. The Management Side took a positive stand on the issue, and assured to take it up with the Director (HR) for necessary solution.

    Upgradation of pay scale of TTA, w.e.f. 01.10.2000, should not be treated as 1st promotion under NEPP- BSNLEU demands.

    The upgradation of pay scale of TTA cadre was implemented from 01.10.2000. Later on, when the agreement on NEPP was signed, it was agreed between BSNLEU and the Management that all upgradations given after 01.10.2000, were to be treated as 1st promotion under NEPP. But when the order on NEPP was issued, the Management made a twisting. It was written in NEPP that all upgradations made on or after 01.10.2000, are to be treated as 1st promotion under NEPP. As a result of this, the TTAs were denied promotion under NEPP, on 01.10.2004. This issue was raised by BSNLEU, in today’s discussed by with the Management. Union demanded that the pay scale upgradation of TTAs, given w.e.f. 01.10.2000, should not be treated as 1st promotion under NEPP. On this issue also, the Management took a positive stand and agreed to examine the demand of the union.




    13-05-2017 – 10.30 AM – FLAG HOSTING


    2.00 PM- LUNCH











    BSNLEU's call for observing this year's May Day.

    CHQ calls upon the circle and district unions to observe this year's May Day in a befitting manner, by glorifying the struggle for 8 hours' work, as well as the sacrifices of the May Day martyrs. Together with this, we have to highlight certain important issues confronted by us. 

    The Modi government and it's Niti Aayog are launching deadly attacks to destroy the Public Sector, including BSNL, through disinvestment/strategic sale and privatisation. The hard won rights of the Indian working class, are being taken away through Labour Law amendments, by the BJP led governments at the Centre, as well as in various states. Unity of the working class and united struggles are being weakened, by communal forces, in the name of religion.Those who criticise the government are branded as 'Desh Drohis'. Freedom of expression is being trampled. 

    Under these circumstances, CHQ calls upon our circle and district unions to observe this year's May Day, by flag hoisting and holding gate meetings. The following issues are to be highlighted in the gate meetings:- 

    1. No disinvestment/ strategic sale/ privatisation of PSUs,including BSNL. No formation of Subsidiary Tower Company in BSNL.


    1. Withdraw amendments to the Labour Laws. Do not curtail the hard won trade union rights of the working class.
    1. Stop attacks on freedom of expression. Stop attacks on the secular fabric of the country.


    All circle and district unions are requested to observe the programme massively and to send reports and photos to the CHQ.



    A new achievement by BSNL - Added 29.5 lakh mobile customers in March, 2017.

    BSNL has once again did the wonder. It has added 29,52,251 new mobile customers in the month of March, 2017. This may be the highest number of mobile connections given by BSNL in any month. It is very important to note that BSNL has made this achievement, in the face of cut-throat competition from Reliance Jio. Gujarat has come first, by adding 2,82,982 new mobile customers. UP (East) circle has come second, by adding 2,54,542 new mobile customers. BSNLEU heartily congratulates the entire Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL, as well as the Management, for making this achievement

    TRAI orders Reliance Jio to withdraw it’s “Summer Surprise Plan”.

    Finally the TRAI has acted on the irregularities being committed by Reliance Jio Infocomm. The TRAI has instructed the Reliance Jio to withdraw it’s “Summer Surprise Plan”. According to this plan, Reliance Jio has offered free services for 3 months to all the customers who pay an initial fee by 15th April. The Reliance Jio has told that it will accept the TRAI direction. Meanwhile, the DoT has submitted a 12 page letter to shri Manoj Sinha, MoS(C), wherein it has stated that the collection of licence fee to the government has got reduced by 30%, due to the tariff war initiated by Reliance Jio. 


    All India BSNL Working Women’s Convention rescheduled to be held at Hyderabad on 08.07.2017.

    It is already informed that, the All India BSNL Working Women’s Convention, scheduled to be held by BSNLEU at Bhopal, on 14.05.2017, was postponed due to the problems in getting train reservation. The issue was discussed in the All India Centre meeting held today. It is decided to hold the said convention at Hyderabad on 08.07.2017. All circle secretaries are requested to take note of this and to make arrangements for sending the delegates. 


    G.C.Bidika, Additional GM, Microwave Project, arrested by the CBI.

    Shri G.C.Bidika, Additional GM, BSNL, Microwave Project, Odisha was arrested by the CBI. The officer was caught red handed by the CBI, while taking Rs.1 lakh as bribe from a contractor, for passing a bill. It is noteworthy that, BSNLEU has already demanded the Corporate Office, to transfer shri G.C.Bidika, since he is remaining in this post for long years, and is involved in unhealthy practices.  It is unfortunate that the Corporate Office did not listen to the complaint of BSNLEU.

    We heartily welcome the arrest of shri G.C.Bidika.




    Start organising the "Call Attention Day" in right earnest.

    "Call Attention Day ", to be observed on 05-04-2017, is the first joint action, called on by the major unions and associations of the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL, for the settlement of Wage Revision, w.e.f 01-01-2017. Demands badges are to be worn by the employees on that day, and massive gate meetings are to be organised. Circle and district secretaries are requested to start the preparations immediately. Coordinate with other unions and associations and organise the programme massively. Let us send the right message to the government.



    The district conference of circle office , district union was held on 3rd march at Old CGM building conference hall under the presidentship of Com. B B Senapati, Com. S R Das Circle secretary and Com . Sahadeb Biswal patron attended the conference. Com. B B Senapati elected as  District President, Com. Aruna kumar Basantray elected as District Secretary and Com. Suresh Ch mahakud District treasurer. Congratulation to all.

    BSNLEU writes to shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister, on the issue of merger of BSNL and MTNL.

    It is reported in the media that, the Parliamentary Committee on Petitions, has submitted a report to the Parliament, recommending merger of BSNL and MTNL. BSNLEU has written to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, demanding that the following conditions should be fulfilled, before government takes any step towards merger of BSNL and MTNL. 

    (1)   MTNL should be delisted from the share market.
    (2)   Government should take over the financial liability of MTNL.
    (3)   Government should provide financial assistance to BSNL to revamp the networks in MTNL areas.
    (4)   Salary structure of the employees of BSNL and MTNL should be one on the same.


    National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) of PSUs, organised Parliament March against privatisation. 

    National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) of CPSUs, an umbrella organisation of the Executives in CPSUs, organised a Parliament March today. The main demands of the March were No Disinvestment/Privatisation in CPSUs, withdrawal of NITI AYOG’s recommendations on strategic sale in PSUs, implementation of 3rd PRC in CPSUs by removing the affordability clauses etc. The programme was inaugurated by com Tapan Sen, MP and General Secretary of CITU at Easterm Court. The rally at Jantar Mantar was addressed by leaders from NCOA and General Secretaries of many PSUs. On behalf of the BSNLEU, com Swapan Chakraborty,Dy GS addressed the rally since com P.Abhimanyu, GS couldn't attend the meeting due to viral fever. In his speech com Dy.GS, severely criticised the anti PSU policies of the government and expressed our support to the agitations of the NOCA to save PSUs from disinvestment and privatisation. He further appealed to all, to be united for a long and sustained struggle to compel the government to withdraw it’s anti workers and anti PSU policies


    The district conference of Dhenkanal telecom district was held on dated 26th February 2017 at GMTD conference hall , Dhenkanal  under the presidentship of Com. S k Saffirudin . Com.  R N Sahoo district secretary present his report. Com. S R Das circle secretary , Com. Sahadev Biswal circle secretary , AIBDPA , Com. A dhupal patron, BSNLEU, Com. S C Mohanty, Circle president AIBDPA were addressed to the meeting . After end of the session Com. S K Saffirudin and Com. R N Sahoo are unanimously elected as District president and District Secretary respectively .

    AIBDPA district conference was held after end of the session. Com. Sarat kumar Lenka and Com. Dambarudhar Behera were elected as district president and district secretary respectively.

    [10.02.2017] The Dhenkanal District Union is going to conduct his District Conference on 26.02.2017 at GMTD Conference Hall under the Presidentship of Com SK.Saffiruddin District President, Circle Secretary, Circle President and Patron will attend the meeting.


    [09.02.2017]Holding of District conferences, where they have become due:

    >As per Direction of the General Secretary CHQ I request all the District secretaries of Odisha Cirecle those where it has become due they are requested to kindly hold district conference before month of March so that Circle Conference will be held in Month of April.

    [08.02.2017]Organise March to Raj Bhawan / Collectorate / DM Office on 9th March, 2017:

    The meeting of the unions and associations of BSNL, held on 06-02-2017, has decided to organise March to District collctorate / DM Office, on 09-03-2017. It means, rallies should be conducted at district headquarters on 09-03-2017. This programme will help us in a big way, to propagate among the public, the conspiracies being hatched by the government and the Niti Ayog, to weaken / kill BSNL. The following 4 issues should be highlighted in this programme. All District secretaries are requested to coordinate with the other unions and associations, to successfully conduct this programme.

    Issues to be highlighted:

    a) Opposing PMO letter on implementation of Niti Ayog's decision for the strategic sale or privatisation of BSNL.

    b) Opposing formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

    c) Demanding allotment of 4G spectrum, free of cost, to BSNL.

    d) Opposing favours being extended to Reliance Jio.

    [19.01.2017] The Balasore District Union is going to conduct his District working committee meeting on 29.01.2017 at Telephone Exchange Soro under the Presidentship of Com L.K. Jena District President, Circle Secretary and Patron Com A. Dhupal will attend the meeting.


    [18.01.2017] As Per Direction of CHQ I request all the District secretaries and All Branch Secretaries of Odisha Circle to convey each and every members regarding Amendments of the Constitution.

    (1) The monthly subscription of the union is to be raised to Rs.45/- and the same is to be allocated in the following ratio to the various levels:

    (a) All India Conference – Rs.5/-

    (b) CHQ – Rs.12/-

    (c) Circle – Rs.10/-

    (d) District – Rs.10/-

    (e) Branch – Rs.8/-

    (2) At present the financial year of the Union is from January to December. This is to be amended so that the financial year shall be from April to March.

    [11.01.2017] The Land Mark 8th All India Conference was held at Chhenai from 31.12.2016 to 03.01.2017 from our Circle 20 Nos of Delegates and Observers Including Circle Secretary were attended the Conference. Com P.K. Nayak Distrcit Secretary Balasore was elected as Assitant Tresurer of CHQ Newdelhi.

    On 10th January 2017 Com A. Dhupal and Com S.R. Das met the CGM, GM(HR) and GM(EB) and Dicussed for Devlopment of Odisha Circle.

    [16.12.2016] Strike is terrific sucess in Odisha Circle, My hearty Congrats to all the Comrades of Odisha Circle for their active support.S.R.Das Circle Secretary.

    [12.12.2016] The District Conference of BSNLEU Microwave Project Bhubaneswar was held at Old CGM Office Conference Hall on 11.12.2016 under the Presidentship of Com S.K. Mohanty,Com p. Mohanty District Secretary Welcomed every one and present his report. Com S.R.Das Circle Secretary, Com Sahadeb Biswal Patron,Com Md. Kabiruddin were addressed the meeting a good numbers of delegates were present at meeting.After end of session Com Sahadeb Biswal and Com Panchanan Mohanty are unanimously elected as District Prsident and District Secretary

    [10.12.2016] A very impressive District Conference was conducted by BSNLEU Cuttack.

    The District Conference of BSNLEU Cuttack was held at conferrence Hall in GMTD Office Premises on 09.12.2016 under the Presidentship of Com A.Dhupal,Com S. Mallick District Secretary Welcomed every one and present his report. Com S.R.Das Circle Secretary, Com Sahadeb Biswal Circle Secretary AIBDPA, Com A.C.Mohanty Senior Leader and Shri Balaram Pal Hon'ble G.M. were addressed the meeting a good numbers of delegates were present at meeting.After end of session Com Sridhar Mallick and Com SK Sahabuddin are unanimously elected as District Prsident and District Secretary.

    [08.12.2016] Odisha Project District Union is going to conduct his District Conference on 14.12.2016

    [8.12.2016] One day strike on 15-12-2016 By the Non - Executives and Executives of BSNL. Against the government's move to rob BSNL of it's mobile towers, by forming a Subsidiary Tower Company. It is a clear move towards privatisation. Make the widest mobilisation. Approach each and every employee. Make the strike 100% success

    [24.11.2016] General Secretary Com P.Abhimanyu will arrive tomorrow evening to attend All India Conference of CITU at Puri,Circle Secretary S.R.Das will welcome him from airport and Proceed to Puri and accompany him from 25th November to 30th November 2016.

    [24.11.2016]Let tomorrow’s dharna the preparation for the one day strike to be held on 15.12.2016.

    The dharna to be held tomorrow against formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company will be the preparation for the one day strike, to be held on 15.12.2016. Hence all the District unions and Branch Unions are requested to mobilise maximum number of Non-Executives and Executives in tomorrow’s dharna, so that it will be a grand preparation for the one day strike. The massive success of tomorrow’s dharna should send the right message to the government also.

    [20.11.2016] A very impressive District Conference was conducted by BSNLEU Sambalpur.

    The District Conference of BSNLEU Sambalpur was held at Union Office GMTD Premises on 20.11.2016 under the Presidentship of Com L.K. Meher,Com N.C. Tarai District Secretary Welcomed every one and present his report. Com P.R. Das Circle President, Com S.R.Das Circle Secretary, Com Gadadhar Kuanar Secretary CITU, Com Behera Circle Secy. CKS were addressed the meeting a good numbers of delegates were present at meeting.After end of session Com Sukadeba Besan and Com Nakula Charan Tarai are unanimously elected as District Prsident and District Secretary.

    [17.11.2016] Cuttack is going to conduct his District Conference on 09.12.2016

    [17.11.2016]All union/association meeting decides to organise One Day Strike against formation Subsidiary Tower Company.

    The all union association meeting held at New Delhi today, decided to conduct dharna on 25.11.2016 and one day strike on 15.12.2016, against the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. This is the unanimous decision of all the unions and associations which attended today's meeting. In the past, the united BSNL trade union movement has foiled all attempts of the government to destroy BSNL. Once again we will prove that we will not allow BSNL to be destroyed. Circle and district unions are requested to immediately start the preparations, in coordination with all the unions and associations, to make the strike a historic success.

    [06.11.2016] A very impressive District Conference was conducted by BSNLEU Baripada.

    The District Conference of BSNLEU Baripada was held at TDM Office Conference Hall on 06.11.2016 under the Presidentship of Com R.C.Hembram,Com B.K.Si District Secretary Welcomed every one and present his report. Com S.R.Das Circle Secretary,Com P.K. Nayak,Asst.Circle Secretary and Com A.Dhupal Patron were addressed the meeting a good numbers of delegates were present at meeting.After end of session Com Gyana Ranjan Sethi and Com Purna Chandra Rath are unanimously elected as District Prsident and District Secretary.

    [05.11.2016] Circle Secretary's meeting with CGM(ETP) KOLKATTA.

    During visit of Odisha Circle by CGM(ETP) Cirlcle Secretary S.R. Das,Patron A. Dhupal,S.Biswal and District Secretary ETP Com P. MOhanty were met Sri V.L. Vershney CGM(ETP) Discussed regarding development work of Odisha Circle, as well as staff problems,He assured to look into the matters.

    BARIPADA is going to organize his District Conference on 06-11-2016

    SAMBALPUR is going to organize his District Conference on 20-11-2016



    S R Das
    Circle Secretary,
    BSNLEU, Odisha Circle

    The DWC of ETR division was held on 28-10-2016 in the union office , Bhubaneswar under the presidentship of Com. D Majhi. Com. S R Das, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU & Com. Sahadev Biswal patron attended the meting. After the meeting Circle secretary and all office bearers were met the SR GM ETR and discussed about the development of BSNL as well as the staff problem.

    GM ETR gave the consent to do the needful at the earliest possible.

    Contractual staff must get equal ages as regular staff: Supreme Court.

    Bringing relief to lakhs of contractual government employees, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that temporary workers are entitled to wages at par with permanent employees. Basing the judgement on the principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’, the Court said that rule constitutes a clear and unambiguous right vested in every employee – whether regular or temporary.

    No VRS in BSNL - Staff strength of the Company will get reduced by 7% in 2017-18, due to retirements.

    BSNL will reduce its workforce by nearly 7% in 2017-18, from the employee-base of 2,09,996 in 2016-17. BSNL expects total employees as on April 30, 2017, to be 1,96,162, the state-driven telco said in response to an application filed under the Right to Information Act 2005. The VRS (voluntary retirement scheme) proposal aimed at bringing down headcount is however on hold, according to Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL.

    [courtesy: The Economic Times dt. 28-10-2016 



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